Update 2: On the Road

I wanted to write an update now that I’ve been able to get more interviews done, thanks to all the donations so far and help from the Fund for Trans Writers! Over the last two weeks, I’ve done 8 interviews, and have another one this afternoon. Each 60-90 minute interview gives me 20-30 page transcriptions. which I will draw on for my research. These interviews give me so much history and context I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Which is why everyone’s support has been so appreciated and important! For the next week I’ll be doing archival research at the University of Oregon’s Special Collections because they have 10 years of Cascadia Alive, a public access cable show that had regular updates from the different forest defense campaigns in Oregon between 1996-2005. I’ll also start going through the interview transcripts to check for accuracy and names that need changed. From the 3rd-10th I’m going to the 2019 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in Utah, which I’m super excited about! I’ll be able to do more interviews there, and am also doing a workshop where I’ll be able to share testimonies from survivors and allies I have already interviewed. When I’m back from that, I’ll carry on with more interviews; I’ll also be able to start working with the oral histories i gathered and begin writing! Your support so far has been so great. If you’re able to share the fundraiser with folks you know, that would be a huge help.

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