Update 1

Kiera in 2001, Portland OR

Firstly, a huge thanks to all the early donors over the last week, and everyone who’s shared the fundraiser on Twitter or over email. I’m also being supported by the Fund for Trans Writers that Rahim Ladha has set up, so please check that site out as well.

I wanted to talk a little about the book itself! It will cover 10+ years of activism in Oregon and Washington by feminists who worked to save old-growth trees from being logged while also challenging abuse, harassment, and misogyny from fellow (mostly male) activists. The rise and fall of three linked groups – Cascadia Forest Defenders (based in Eugene, OR), Cascadia Forest Alliance (Portland, OR), and Cascadia Defense Network (Olympia, WA) – will be narrated by the sexual violence survivors who fought to transform these organisations and heal from the abuse, misogyny and harassment they suffered. I am one of thesse survivors, so I’ll also be narrating my own experiences.

Many of the survivors I’ve been able to connect with are no longer involved in environmental activism, meaning their stories are at risk of being lost to history. What is also at risk of being lost are the stories of how these different groups transformed into safer spaces for cis women and non-binary folks. It was a difficult struggle at times, and I want to capture the complexities of survivors’ experiences, as well as the success stories!

Right now, I’m reaching out to people I want to interview, and starting to schedule interviews for June. I also want to spend time in the University of Oregon archives, as they have a lot of material on the different anti-logging campaigns the book covers. I need to raise $2000 by the end of May so that I have enough money to set aside time in June to carry out the interviews, get them transcribed, and start writing. If I reach $4000, that will help me carry out more interviews in July and put a draft together. Chronic pain means I can’t do a lot of paid work right now, so your support helps me work on this very important project whilst I recover from my neurological condition that makes it hard for me to find and sustain full-time employment. Please check out the perks, donate if you can, and share this fundraiser with your networks

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