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Monkeywrenching the Misogynists: A Feminist History of Eco-Activism in the Pacific Northwest is an up close and personal look at some of the most iconic anti-logging campaigns of the late 20th century. It offers a first-hand look at how survivors of abuse and harassment—and their allies—came together to transform a movement.

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Update 2: On the Road

I wanted to write an update now that I’ve been able to get more interviews done, thanks to all the donations so far and help from the Fund for Trans Writers! Over the last two weeks, I’ve done 8 interviews, and have another one this afternoon. Each 60-90 minute interview gives me 20-30 page transcriptions. which I will draw on for my research. These interviews give me so much history and context I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Which is why everyone’s support has been so appreciated and important! For the next week I’ll be doing archival research at the University of Oregon’s Special Collections because they have 10 years of Cascadia Alive, a public access cable show that had regular updates from the different forest defense campaigns in Oregon between 1996-2005. I’ll also start going through the interview transcripts to check for accuracy and names that need changed. From the 3rd-10th I’m going to the 2019 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in Utah, which I’m super excited about! I’ll be able to do more interviews there, and am also doing a workshop where I’ll be able to share testimonies from survivors and allies I have already interviewed. When I’m back from that, I’ll carry on with more interviews; I’ll also be able to start working with the oral histories i gathered and begin writing! Your support so far has been so great. If you’re able to share the fundraiser with folks you know, that would be a huge help.

Update 2: Interviews-a-Go-Go

Hi all! Things have been a bit hectic for me the last few weeks as I’ve been juggling moving and wisdom teeth extractions/complications. I’ll be focusing on writing this week, and research and interviews the second half of June. I’ve already got six interviews booked for the next week and two more that are penciled in. I’ve got eight more people I will interview in July, as well as a handful of people who are tentatively available. You can see all the bookings here, which is updated daily. I need to raise additional funds to cover my travel costs from Vancouver BC to Portland and Eugene (around $150); I also need $120 to get the first six interviews transcribed with Trint. If I raise $240, that will cover an additional 6-8 interviews.

From the 19th to the 26th of June I’ll also be doing research at the University of Oregon’s archives, because they have DVD’s of the show Cascadia Live, which aired from 1995 to 2005 on public access TV in Eugene, Oregon. The collection has regular interviews and updates about the different environmental groups in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s an incredibly useful archive. I’ve been able to cut costs by staying with friends, so your support goes directly towards travel costs and very basic living expenses whilst I carry out interviews and start writing. Please share this post and donate if you can!

Update 1

Kiera in 2001, Portland OR

Firstly, a huge thanks to all the early donors over the last week, and everyone who’s shared the fundraiser on Twitter or over email. I’m also being supported by the Fund for Trans Writers that Rahim Ladha has set up, so please check that site out as well.

I wanted to talk a little about the book itself! It will cover 10+ years of activism in Oregon and Washington by feminists who worked to save old-growth trees from being logged while also challenging abuse, harassment, and misogyny from fellow (mostly male) activists. The rise and fall of three linked groups – Cascadia Forest Defenders (based in Eugene, OR), Cascadia Forest Alliance (Portland, OR), and Cascadia Defense Network (Olympia, WA) – will be narrated by the sexual violence survivors who fought to transform these organisations and heal from the abuse, misogyny and harassment they suffered. I am one of thesse survivors, so I’ll also be narrating my own experiences.

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